Privacy & Security

Enjoy a higher level of privacy while Uscreen keeps your videos and user data safe. Security and stability without compromise.

VOD business security and stability without compromise

You are putting a lot of time and efforts into making your videos. You need to keep them safe. Uscreen provides enhanced privacy and safety features to keep your videos and your client data secured.

Full data ownership

Own and control all your content and user information, including billing information, platform usage and preferences. Get a deeper customer behavior insight while knowing your information is safe.

Full audience data ownership
secured checkout and payment data transfer

Secured checkout and payment data

Our checkout pages are perfectly optimized for conversions and offer an enhanced layer of data protection for you and your users. With Uscreen Secured Checkout, your payment security and customer information are safe.

Experience seamless hosting and content delivery with Uscreen

You just sit back, relax and let Uscreen take the wheel. With our enhanced and layered security features, we guarantee a stress-free hosting experience and heightened privacy options.

24-7 monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Our servers are monitored day and night, 365 days a year to ensure the smooth running of your video on demand service.

99.99% up time

99.99% Uptime

We’re proud to provide one of the most stable and secure video delivery systems available on the market

SSL security

SSL Security

Our SSL encryption will ensure that all data passed between the Uscreen web server and your users’ browsers remain private and integral.

Secured Payment

Secured Payment Data

Our security protocols ensure all transactions are secure and cannot be intercepted. We don’t store any payment information locally.

Global Akamai CDN

Global secure CDN powered by Akamai

We take security very seriously. That’s why we provide the safest environment available today, thanks to Akamai data protection service. Akamai CDN keeps your website safe while ensuring seamless content delivery to your audiences everywhere.

Secure Streaming on any device

Your content is secured via strict encryption using various protocols including HLS, to ensure seamless viewing experiences in a safe, protected environment.

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secure streaming on all mobile and TV devices
Secure downloads on your branded ott apps

Secure downloads on OTT apps

Enable your users to download your content on any OTT app, allowing them to view your content offline. Your videos are safe: they’re kept as the part of your apps’ memory and cannot be shared outside of that environment.

Choose your audience

With Uscreen’s Geo-blocking feature, you can allow or disallow access to audiences residing in any physical location. Our accurate tracking allows you to intercept and block access to any country via IP recognition.

Choose your audience countries