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How to Combine Videos into One (7 Quick and Easy Ways)

By Dann Albright 5 Min Read
combine videos into one

When you’re creating a video, you’ll probably end up with many different files. Maybe you did two different takes of an interview. Or you want to stitch together footage of your main topic with B-roll.

No matter the reason, there will come a time when you need to combine videos. It may just be two videos, or it may be a whole slew of them.

There are many tools that will let you combine video clips, but if you don’t know how to use them, it’s going to be a long process. Let’s look at how to combine videos using desktop software, mobile apps, and online options.

If you’d like to jump to a specific platform or app, just use the links below:

Desktop Video Editing Software

1. Shotcut (Windows, Mac, Linux)
2. iMovie (Mac)

Mobile Apps 

3. Adobe Premiere Rush
4. Quik

Web-based Services

5. YouTube Editor
6. Merge Video
7. Adobe Spark

1. Merging Videos on Desktop

If you want to combine videos on your desktop computer, you can use almost any video editing software you like. For ease of use, though, we recommend these two.

For Windows: Shotcut

When it comes to Windows video editing software, Shotcut is a must-have. The learning curve is a bit steep, but it gives you a ton of power and is completely free.

  • To combine videos in Shotcut, go to File > Open File and select the first video.
  • Once the video has opened, drag it to the timeline down below: 
drag clips you want to combine
  • To add another video, just repeat the process. Open another clip and drag it down into the timeline at the bottom of the window, making sure that the edge lines up with the first clip:
drag second clip in shotcut
  • To save the video, head to File > Export Video.
  • Adjust the settings (if you’d like).
  • To save your new file, hit the Export Video button:
shotcut export file

For Mac: iMovie

You can also use Shotcut on Mac, but you can save yourself a bit of time if you already have iMovie.

  • To add files to your project, head to File > Import Media.
  • Select your hard drive, and find one of the files you want to combine.
Import your video files into iMovie
  • Select a video and hit Import Selected.
  • Repeat the process for the second video file.
  • Once you’ve imported both files, you’ll see them in the media section of the window:
combine videos using shotcut
  • Click and drag both video files to the timeline below:

  • Finally, go to File > Share > File to save your newly combined videos. You can also upload directly from iMovie to a few different places.

2. Combining Video Clips on Mobile

There are several apps that will let you combine videos on Android and iOS. If you already have a favorite mobile video editor, you can probably use that to combine clips easily.

Adobe Premiere Rush

If you don’t have one, though, I recommend Adobe Premiere Rush. With easy importing and editing, you can combine and tweak any clips you’d like. We’ll look at how to combine videos on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in this tutorial, but you can use the same procedure on an iPhone.

  • Start a new project by tapping on the “Create New Project” button, or the plus button at the bottom of the app.
  • Select Videos to open your Videos folder.
  • Tap the videos you’d like to combine, then hit Create on the bottom of the screen.
  • You can add additional video clips to the project by tapping on the plus button on the video preview page.
Creating a video project in adobe premiere rush
  • Once you tap on Create, the app will automatically combine the clips and lets you add a soundtrack, customize the transition effects and more.
  • In the editing screen, each clip will be displayed in the timeline. To rearrange them, tap and hold a clip, then drag it to where you want it to be.
  • Once you have the clips in order, tap the Share button at the top of the screen.
  • On the Export page, you can choose your video quality settings and select Export to render and save your new merged video clip.
exporting combined video from Adobe Rush

Rush will combine your video clips and save them in the manner that you chose.

Just load two or more different videos into the same project, then save the video file to your device or upload it to Adobe Creative Cloud. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription, you can work on the new file with Adobe Premiere right away for further edits.


GoPro’s Quik app is another option for both Android and iOS. While it’s intended for GoPro footage, and doesn’t have a whole lot of editing power, it does let you choose several video files to be combined quickly.

If you’re looking for a video combiner app but don’t have much interest in editing, Quik is a solid choice.

3. Combine Videos Online

Need a way to combine videos quickly and for free? An online video combiner will do the trick. Unfortunately, one of the best is no longer available.

YouTube Editor

Google retired YouTube Editor in 2017, so there’s no way to combine videos in YouTube.

Use one of these other online editors to combine your video before uploading it to YouTube instead.

Merge Video

It doesn’t get simpler than this. Head to merge video, and click Choose Files:

Merge video online

Select the videos you want to combine, then click Open. The videos will take a moment to upload, and then you’ll see this screen:

Choose video files you want to combine

To change the order of the clips, just click and drag one to a new location. You can also add another file with the Add More Files button. When you’re satisfied with the order of your clips, select a video format and click Merge.

When it’s done, you’ll see a Download button. Click it and you’ll have a finished video! It doesn’t get much faster than this.

Adobe Spark

It takes longer to combine video clips with Spark than it does with Mergevideo. But Spark offers a lot more features that you may want to take advantage of if you need to do some editing. Unfortunately, it also adds a watermark to your videos. It’s one of the less annoying watermarks, but you’ll have to upgrade if you want to remove it.

To combine videos, sign into and click the Create New button at the top of the screen:

Create new spark video

Select Video, enter a title (if you choose), and click Start from Scratch.

Once you’re in the editor, click Video to upload a video file:

Upload your video file

Select a video file and click Open.

You’ll see the video on the next screen—take note of the slider under the video. This tells Spark how much of it you want to import. If you want to use the entire video, make sure the entire timeline is selected with the slider.

(In the video below, only three seconds are selected.)

video slider

Click Save, and you’ll be taken back to the main editor. Click the New Slide button in the bottom-left corner:

Create a new slide

Repeat the previous process to add another video. If you need to rearrange the clips, click and drag one of the slides into a new position. Once you’ve positioned your clips, click Download at the top of the screen to get your new file.

Combine Videos in Just a Few Minutes

Now you know how to combine videos on your computer, mobile device, and via a browser. With some video editing knowledge, you’ll be putting together professional-quality videos in no time!

Have you figured out an easier way to merge videos that we haven’t mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below, we might just include it!


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