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Case Study: Total Immersion Academy

By PJ Taei
10 Min Read
Total Immersion swimming academy

Known as “the world’s most loved swimming program,” Total Immersion is the only skill-based approach to swimming better. Millions of people all over the world love to swim the TI way and it is the only program in history to have a worldwide following of enthusiastic and empowered swimmers. Whether you’re swimming for recreation, fitness, endurance, or speed, Total Immersion dramatically increases your chances for success. TI is the only swimming program of its kind and is recognized for the unique approach it provides in putting you at complete ease in the water, no matter what your skill or experience may be. TI is a global brand trusted by over one hundred thousand followers.


Total Immersion faced several challenges related to delivering digital content both for their membership website and a la carte products. TI wanted to offer an easy way for coaches & students to access their training content including:

• Training Plans
• Audio Lessons
• Books (Digital eBooks & Hard Copies)
• Webinars
• Gear & Accessories

Their existing platform was difficult to manage and required too much maintenance to adequately offer their products and services. Without a platform that allowed users to easily access what they needed, they knew they needed something that would simplify the experience.

TI also faced the challenge of maintaining the system built by outside developers. They were consistently involved in the development process and faced numerous challenges trying to manage technical aspects of the platform.


TI chose Uscreen because it is a powerful cloud-hosted platform enabling them to set up a membership website, host all their digital content in one place and provide it as a subscription or ala cart delivery. The Uscreen platform also allows them to track member’s progress and give students & coaches an easy way to access all content via the native apps.

When Total Immersion switched to Uscreen for their platform hosting needs, their members and customers took notice. Not only is navigation now much simpler, but their users are able to access Total Immersion’s content easily on their mobile devices.

• Easily Set Up a Membership Website
• Host All Their Digital Content
• Provide Purchasable Content for Members and Non-Members
• Track Member Progress
• Give Users an Easy Way to Access Content on Mobile Devices, Tablets, or Laptops

The elegant viewing experience Uscreen has provided Total Immersion has left their members and users extremely pleased with the ease of access, simpler navigation, and the app-based option for opening content.

The Result:

Increase in Members:

Since implementing Uscreen, TI has seen a dramatic increase in sign-ups for its membership platform for Total Immersion Academy.

Lower Churn:

By using Uscreen for their platform hosting needs, Total Immersion has experienced a much lower churn rate. Since members are seeing just how much better their experience is with this new platform, Total Immersion has observed a decreased drop in account subscriptions.

Complete Offering:

Whether customers prefer to sign up for a Total Immersion membership or purchase products as they please without becoming a member, the new platform they’ve adopted through Uscreen allows them to do this in one simple portal. Management of products is straightforward with everything found in one location.

Simplicity & Scalability:

Because the Uscreen platform is so uncomplicated, management is incredibly easy and Total Immersion now spends much less time managing the portal. They are also scaling the membership area to offer much more than what was previously available.

Uscreen features

The Experience

Let’s take a look at the web & mobile experience for Total Immersion powered by Uscreen with a 100% white label setup allowing Total Immersion to keep their brand on both the web & mobile with native mobile OTT apps maintained and updated by Uscreen but displayed as Total Immersion on the app store.

Web Experience:

Total Immersion Academy Website

Mobile Experience:

Total Immersion apps