Distribute your content
on any device, anywhere
in the world with OTT Platform.

You focus on your Content, we build & maintain
your ott apps, in your name on any device, including
Smart TVs & OTT platforms.



01.Your Brand / Your Colors

Your customized ott platform app will display your icon, logo & chosen colors both on the app store and on your viewers devices, the video apps is fully published in your name with your own description, terms of service and additional info.


Launch branded ott apps across all major app stores, branded with your name & icons, so your viewers can view them globally across various devices.

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03.Support for Mobile Apps & SmartTV’s

We can customize your video apps with various customizations & features, every app is different, contact our sales department for your customization requirements.

04.Support & Maintenance

You handle running your business & creating content, we will handle the technical side of things as well as fully maintaining, updating and publish ving your apps on the app stores, no action will be required from your side here except for providing us with your logo & creatives for your branded apps.

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    Yael Dornbush

    Zumba Fitness – Director

    “Native OTT Video apps for iOS & Android are a huge up-sell to our customers, they see our app in the app stores and never know Uscreen is behind it. These video apps are perfect for fitness & training content.”

  • testim-img02

    Keith Woodburn

    Total Immersion Academy – Founder

    “We launched iOS & Android apps with Uscreen over 2 years ago, they provide an awesome experience for our users, they can watch videos, download documents and our complete catalog is available on them, our business wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the branded apps.”

  • testim-img03

    Tomas Andrew

    Art – Founder

    “Customer service is #1 for me and it means a lot. Uscreen offers exceptional customer service at very affordable prices, my business runs on auto pilot because of Uscreen’s OTT platform.”

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