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How to Increase Your Paid Video Subscribers

Video subscribers

YouTube has millions of video subscribers each day and that number goes up every year. As the demand for subscription video services has increased, more and more people are willing to pay for commercial-free content. In response, companies are increasingly using premium-streaming platforms to sell their video content. Moreover, whether you’ve gone with a major streaming site like YouTube, or a premium streaming platform like Uscreen, to be successful, increasing subscribers is a must. We’ve already told you how YouTube stars could make more money by switching to premium video as well as how to use product videos on YouTube to build your brand. The following are some basic tips and tricks you can use to increase your viewership outside of YouTube.

“To be successful, increasing subscribers is a must.”


The general rule of marketing is that it takes three times of someone seeing your brand for them to want to buy your product. This means the easier you are to find, the more likely customers will buy. So, you need to improve your search engine rankings (SEO). Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Create engaging content – Search engines give priority to in-depth, creative, and unique content. So, if your content is useful, Google will boost your rank.
    Tip: Search engines want to find the most pertinent information for the user, so make sure you have a clear theme that is reflected in the headings and page titles.
    Trick: Make sure the content is useful and informative and the customer will keep coming back.
  • Ensure good performance – Search engines give priority to quick-processing websites that work. If it performs well, that means it will be better for the user, a priority for Google.
    Tip: Consider compressing the files on your website. It saves bandwidth, which will make it faster.
    Trick: Make sure the images on your site are 72 DPI, so that doesn’t affect load time, slowing down your website.
  • Improve user experience – Search engines have a job to do – they want to make users happy. This means they give preference to sites that have a good user experience. It looks at things like the bounce rate and the end-to-end experience for the user.
    Tip: Make sure your site looks good. A modern and attractive site is seems trustworthy to the user
    Trick: Is your site easy to navigate? Test it out yourself. Go in to see how easy it is for you to find the content you want your customers to find.

“The easier you are to find, the more likely customers will buy.”


Product videos are an extremely useful marketing tool used to spread the word about your product. Providing rich content helps today’s buyers determine if they can trust you, your product, and your brand. There are four types of videos you can make, including a teaser, a Q&A, an explainer, and a video featuring the owner. Here is how you can use these videos:

  • Use YouTube for SEO – While we believe YouTube is primarily great as a branding platform, its status as a part of Google means using it also helps with SEO or search engine rankings.
    Tip: Make sure you link back to your website in the description.
    Trick: Consider using video that is funny or heartfelt, which typically does better.
  • Make your website more dynamic – Embedding videos on your website will make it more dynamic and interesting for potential customers. If you have an “About Us” page, this is your chance to make it more engaging by having a video message from your CEO or owner.
    Tip: You could also rotate the videos on your homepage.
    Trick: Do not have it automatically play, unless the volume is off. This is distracting and annoying to customers, who could potentially leave your site just to make it stop.
  • Add to your customers’ social media & blog experience – Using video on social media or your blog is a great way to build trust and loyalty amongst your customers. Seeing you makes them feel more connected with your brand and will encourage them to renew that subscription!
    Tip: Consider asking your social media followers questions, and then answering them through video.
    Trick: Upload your video directly to Facebook (rather than a YouTube link) because Facebook favors its own content. Facebook video shows up in a bigger window than a YouTube link and it automatically plays (without the volume), catching the attention of those scrolling through their newsfeed.

“Providing rich content helps today’s buyers determine if they can trust you, your product, and your brand.”


Customers like getting bonuses for spreading the word. Rewarding referrals will encourage further loyalty to your brand and get customers even more excited about your content, plus it helps you get more subscribers! Here are some ways you can reward your most loyal customers for referring others to your business:

  • Offer a gift: Offer them a gift card – a free spa service, or some chocolate. It will make them feel appreciated and get them excited about referring more customers your way!
    Tip: Make sure to send a thank you card/email with it.
    Trick: Sometimes the thank you is all it takes!
  • Offer a discount: Adding a system where you offer a percentage discount for one month of their subscription, will encourage them to refer.
    Tip: To encourage referred customers to make a purchase, offer them a one-month free subscription or some other discount.
    Trick: Offer them bonus content, meaning content that only people who refer can get!
  • Give referrals: Building relationships with other business that offer services similar, but different from yours, can help with referrals.
    Tip: Make sure the other business knows you are referring people to them, so they can do the same for you!
    Trick: Set up a system with the other business for keeping track of those referrals.


All of these marketing tips and tricks will help you gain more video subscribers. So, here is what you can take away from this:

  • Rewarding referrals will encourage word-of-mouth marketing, gaining you more subscribers.
  • Creating product videos will help cultivate loyalty and excitement about your brand, encouraging those referrals.
  • Being easy to find on search engines will increase your visibility, making users more likely to subscribe.

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