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Uscreen’s Adult Content Policy Update

By Salma Madwar
5 Min Read
Publisher Terms Update

We’ve recently updated and clarified our policy guidelines regarding hosting adult content which we will be strictly enforcing.

Under section 4.2 on page 3 in our Publisher Terms you’ll find that we have clarified what we consider to be adult content.

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Uscreen’s Publisher Terms

Specifically, we prohibit publishers on Uscreen from uploading or selling any type of content that is sexually explicit, which includes content that depicts sexual acts in an explicit way such as pornography.

Uscreen reserves the right to remove any content and channel from our servers that go against our updated adult content policy.

We would also like to note that only Uscreen can exempt creators and allow exceptions to our adult policy guidelines. 

For example, if sexually explicit content serves a purpose that is…

  • medical
  • educational
  • naturalistic
  • for a documentary that depicts human bodies
  • for artistic representation

…then we will decide whether we want to host this type of content on our platform.

So, if you think your content complies with our Publisher Terms despite being sexually explicit in nature, please contact sales at sales@uscreen.tv

That way, we can review your content and see if it falls under our exceptions. If we find that it doesn’t, we will follow our guidelines to the full extent.

We also urge you to read our Publisher Terms below so you get the whole list of content guidelines you need to follow. 

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Uscreen’s Publisher Terms