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Launch your very own tvOS app, so your viewers can enjoy your content on their big-screen TVs.

4 Steps to launching your own tvOS app

Order your app
Upload your content
Grant us developer access
We launch your apps!
first step to launch your OTT tv app

Order your app

Once your Uscreen account is all set up, simply place your order for your tvOS app in your publisher area. Be ready to upload your assets within 24 hours of placing your order.

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second step to launch your OTT tv app

Upload your content

Upload videos, documents, PDFs, text, images, presentations, webinars, live streaming and much more. Using the bulk web uploader, or connect using FTP, Dropbox, or even Google Drive.

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Third step to create your own video streaming app on TV

Grant us access to your developer account

Give us access to your developer account so we can publish your apps under your own company name. We do all the work for publishing the apps.

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publish your OTT tv app

We launch your apps!

We’ve got it from here! Uscreen fully develops and publishes the apps for you in your own app developer account within 30-60 days. We’ll also take care of all required updates and maintenance afterward at no extra cost to you. We’ll even send you a preview of the app before we publish it.

Nothing beats trying it out yourself

Wondering what your Apple TV app will look like on an actual TV screen? Go ahead, give it a go.

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Your tvOS app comes with rich features

The following features and services are included
with every tvOS app we build and launch.

data security and protection

Data protection

Uscreen protects all your content on OTT platforms against pirating. Data protection is a standard service for all Uscreen apps, so your content is automatically secured and cannot be shared with others.

The ultimate streaming experience

Compete with the big guys and offer a big-screen experience with your content straight to your viewers living room.

Deliver your content via OTT apps to tv devices
OTT in-app purchases

OTT In-app purchases

Sell access to your subscription offer and increase your sales by 30%. You can charge your subscribers and process payments right from their Apple TVs and keep 100% of the revenues.

Branding freedom

Create a tvOS app that mirrors your vision. Any app you order will be built just for you with no Uscreen branding anywhere, so your brand’s look and feel can shine through.

white label OTT tv app
OTT apps can increase your revenue by 30 percent

Robust OTT marketing suite

Take advantage of the full marketing and analytics suite in your publisher area to grow your OTT business faster and smarter! You’ll have access to everything you need to help you increase reach, engagement, and revenue.

The Fastest tvOS App Launch

You can expect your tvOS app to be fully launched in your developer account in 30-60 days from the day you place your order. That’s the fastest app launch time on the market!

The fastest OTT app launch on the market


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