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One Stream at a Time: New Simultaneous Viewing Limits to Optimize Content Revenue

By Joe Guerra
10 Min Read
Discover the power of Simultaneous Viewing Limits, a feature designed to protect your premium content from account sharing, ensuring a maximized revenue stream.

Members might choose to share their accounts with others. And we get it, people love a bit of free access. But account sharing means you lose out on potential revenue for your premium content.

This is where our “Simultaneous Viewing Limits” feature comes in. The feature tracks simultaneous viewing sessions across web, mobile and TV apps to help avoid account sharing.  

Similar to streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Spotify, multiple users can login, but only 1 person can watch the content at once. If multiple users try to watch content they’ll see this message…

A screenshot of viewing limits alert.

They can choose to ‘stop playing on other devices’ or cancel their own session. This is particularly useful for live streaming events.

Simultaneous viewing limits beta

Simultaneous viewing limits is in beta which means the feature will change as we make improvements. 

And some of those improvements comes from your feedback. So please share your related feedback in a feature request or with your Customer Success Manager.

Where is this available?

  • Web Browser 🌐 available now
  • Mobile Browser 🌐 available now
  • iOS Mobile App 📱 available now on version 3.12 or later
  • Android Mobile App 📱 available now on version 3.12 or later
  • Roku 📺 available now version 3.9 or later
  • FireTV 📺 available now 2.3 or later
  • AndroidTV 📺 available now 2.3 or later
  • Apple TV 📺 planned Fall 2023

Enabling simultaneous viewing limits

To enable simultaneous viewing limits, please reach out to our support team or customer success manager.