Co-Found & COO

Chris Sharpe is a multifaceted digital content creator with a wealth of experience as a writer, director, producer, and strategist. Originally from the world of filmmaking, he has since shifted his focus exclusively to crafting content for the web, where he excels in bringing engaging narratives to life. Chris is best known as the co-founder of the immensely popular "Yoga With Adriene," a platform that has democratized yoga worldwide, making it accessible and enjoyable for millions. Alongside this, he co-founded "Hilah Cooking," a culinary website that offers down-to-earth cooking advice and has captivated a large audience. Beyond his ventures in wellness and cooking, Chris's career has been diverse and impactful. His achievements in the film industry include directing an award-winning feature film, showcasing his versatility and creative vision. Now serving as the COO of Find What Feels Good, Chris applies his broad expertise in video production and digital marketing to steer the company's operations and strategic initiatives. His work continues to influence the digital landscape, pushing the boundaries of content creation and audience engagement. Reflecting on over a decade of success in making a living on YouTube, Chris considers his journey an extraordinary learning experience that has shaped his approach to digital media and content strategy.