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A Podcast for Video Entrepreneurs

The Video Entrepreneur Podcast is a series that takes you behind-the-scenes with top video creators, experts, and entrepreneurs. Brainchild of Uscreen founder, PJ Taei, the podcast explores the usually invisible sides of online video business, deconstructing the path to success. 

About the Host

Long before the idea of Uscreen was even born, PJ Taei had a special interest in the emerging market for online video. He wondered what it would take to build an ecosystem to help individuals and business thrive online. After years of research, planning and testing, in 2015, his idea finally took shape in Uscreen. Since then, PJ has seen thousands of entrepreneurs and creators successfully build a revenue stream around their videos. This podcast embodies the aggregated learning from people who made it, on and off Uscreen.

PJ Taei founder of Uscreen

Featured Video Entrepreneurs

We host some of the smartest minds in the video business.

Nick Nimmin

YouTuber, Educator, Content Creator

There’s a lot of moving parts to all this stuff, and there’s a lot of nuances to it. For me, focusing on bringing people in and exposing them to [well crafted] information was something I had to commit to, even if sometimes, I’d think to myself: ‘How many more videos can I make on how to generate more subscribers on your YouTube channel?’

Deshuna Spencer

Founder & CEO @KweliTV

Even though you have a niche market, it doesn’t negate the fact that people want to watch your content on a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, and for me [the partnership with Uscreen] allows us to get our message across to many different platforms.

Sean Cannell

YouTuber, Author, Founder @ThinkMedia

Anything, in your business or life, success is gonna depend on the systems you create. And so, we do things like batch-create videos. I’m a business owner, I’ve got things to do, I’ve got an online course and a monthly membership site, batch producing is one way I’m able to sustain that.

David Sciama

Co-Founder @The Coaches’ Voice

Uscreen has been incredibly valuable to us. First and foremost, it allowed us to fully focus on content. We’re not a tech business. We’re not a software business. So [Uscreen] really allowed us to focus on what we do best.

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