Leverage Uscreen to create & sell content online.

Deliver Any Content Type

Upload Videos, Audio, PDFs, Documents, Text, Live Streams & Webinars. Easily upload content to the platform using a bulk uploader built directly into the platform. You can also upload your content using FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, and sync directly with Vimeo, YouTube, or Wistia. We also allow you to record your own video directly within Uscreen.  Uploading content to Uscreen is easy.


Build a Community

Engage your viewers with the built in tools that Uscreen offers allowing viewers to collaborate, upload bio’s & avatars, comment and much more.  By studying over 1,000 customers on our network, we realized that collaboration is the next step in keeping your customers happy and engaged and with you long term.  In the near future we will also add gamification allowing you to assign badges to your users.

Create Powerful Offers

Your in control.  Sell your content as subscriptions, rentals/pay-per-view, or one-time offers to monetize your content. You can even mix and match offers or create package bundles. Introduce coupons & promotional items to be sold with your promotions and give users an incentive to sign up. You can even setup a FREE freemium model allowing users to sign up without fees, then monetize your content as you go, you choose and decide how you want to package your content.


Generate Leads

Build high-converting landing pages with a strong call to action to encourage users to sign up for your offers. Drive traffic to these landing pages using integrations with various marketing platforms which enable you to build high-converting funnels and drive traffic to your membership area. Uscreen offers insights and features to help you generate leads directly within the platform.

Impress Your Audience with a New Look


Utilize our built-in themes to launch a friendly website built to convert users. Give your users a Netflix-like experience that works on all devices, including mobile & SmartTVs. Themes are easy to install and require no programming knowledge. Get set up in minutes.


Analyze Your Users Behavior

Take advantage of our analytics to study how your viewers are watching your content. You can view engagement rates, most popular videos, and exactly who is watching what part of each video and whether it was completed or not. Video Analytics & Sales Reports allow you to understand exactly how your users are behaving on your website and what they are buying. You can even connect Google Analytics and other analytic tools directly to Uscreen in order to dive even deeper into your users behavior and revenues.

Delight Your Users with Native Apps


Uscreen is the only platform that can get your content on any device, including SmartTVs and mobile devices in your name & brand. This means we fully launch and maintain native apps on the App Store for you. We update them, customize them and brand them just for you, so your viewers can download these apps and view your content on various devices. We fully support AppleTV, Roku, Apple devices and Android devices, as well as Amazon Fire and Chromecast. Contact our sales department for more information and pricing.

Scale to Millions

Uscreen leverages multiple CDNs which enable us to scale and reach your viewers all around the world, no matter how many viewers you have. Our CDN & bandwidth fees are built in to our platform fees and you will not be charged any additional fees even if you have a large audience. Your videos will stream securely and instantly to your viewers anywhere in the world.


Compete with the Big Guys!

Our platform enables you to compete with the big guys. Whether you are a team of 1 or 1,000,
you have everything in your hands to build a major brand.

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Our Most Popular Features

  • deliver any content type
  • learning tools
  • upsells & bundles
  • full website hosting
  • powerful monetization engine
  • affiliate system
  • multi-currency & language
  • custom domains with SSL security
  • set up sales pages
  • your brand everywhere
  • schedule content release
  • automated emails
  • multi-device delivery
  • beautiful user experience
  • api / webhooks / sso
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We integrate with the software you
already use and heart-ico

Easily plug into the following tools using our integrations feature:

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One Platform = Less Hassle

Uscreen is an all-in-one platform, so sit back, relax and
let us do the work for you.

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    Yael Dornbush

    Zumba – Director of Fitness

    “Uscreen was the only platform we found that includes a billing system, subscription engine, video hosting and delivery in one platform.”

  • testim-img02

    Keith Woodburn

    Total Immersion Academy – Founder

    “You guys are a one stop shop. With Uscreen we increased our users ten fold by switching from an internal system to Uscreen, I would highly recommend Uscreen to anyone seeking a video platform.”

  • testim-img03

    Thomas Andrew

    Thomas Andrew Art – Founder

    “Customer service is #1 for me and it means a lot. Uscreen offers exceptional customer service at a very affordable price. My business runs on auto pilot because of Uscreen’s platform.”

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