About Us

Meet Uscreen. We are leading the revolution of online video.

Uscreen is the first to combine a video solution with a powerful billing system alongside branded native apps, enabling any size business to launch a branded video service and reach a whole new demographic of users.

Uscreen was first started in 2012 by founder PJ Taei. Uscreen’s team now works out of their Washington DC headquarters with over 15 employees powering over 1,000 customers worldwide.

80% of Uscreen customers sell video subscriptions and they do it well. It’s easy to say that with the help of the Uscreen platform, many of our customers are now millionaires.

What we spend our time on

  • Developing Software
  • Customer Support
  • Sales & Marketing

An average week includes

  • 1754

  • 197

  • 251


Our achievements

  • 250K+

    programs uploaded
  • 2.5M+

    monthly viewers
  • 756K+

    lines of code

Our Mission

To empower experts
to grow their businesses with
the use of online video.

Our Vision

Uscreen exists to empower every business to
create better video experiences.


Switching to Uscreen from Vimeo was a no brainer for me as it has enabled me
to build a profitable subscriber base of users who look forward to viewing my
content on a recurring basis

Thomas Andrew
Founder & CEO