HTML5 Video Player

Better playback, faster delivery, more security, feature-rich

Uscreen html5 online video player

Captivate your audience with the best-in-class video playback using the superior Uscreen Video Player. Give your users unprecedented cross-device 4K UHD quality viewing experience without compromising on fast delivery or safety.

Flawless video experience

Flawless experience, quality first

Our unmatched HTML5 video player is engineered specifically for video-on-demand and over-the-top delivery services. We made sure your videos look their best, on any device, anywhere in the world.

  1. Fully white labeled, stable and reliable
  2. Full support for VTT captions and screen readers
  3. Blazing fast “vanilla” ES6 JavaScript player

Secure global delivery

Powered by a leading global CDN, we ensure a secure video delivery to your audiences anywhere in the world. Regardless of their physical location, your users will enjoy your content in high-quality, with no buffering.

secure video content delivery to viewers

Precision engineering player

Packed with features, built just for you

Cast to TV

Broadcast to both Chromecast & Apple Airplay using the built-in controls with a click of a button.

Speed Controls

Your viewers can easily take control of their viewing experience and adjust the speed on the fly.

Closed Captions

Add closed captions to your videos to enable your viewers to easily activate or deactivate subtitles right from the player.

CDN Delivery

Powered by 2 global CDNs, we deliver video to any device, anywhere in the world with no buffering.

mini video player with picture in picture capability

Mini Player – Picture in Picture

Keep your viewers engaged with our unique adjustable mini player. Your viewers can easily move the pop-up player around their screens and even switch tabs and screens, without missing a beat.

Plays on any device

Our secret to perfect user experience lies in seamless cross-device delivery. Your videos are automatically optimized for mobile devices with a responsive player that fits to any screen.

Play videos on any device
video quality control

Multi-bitrate HLS streaming

Uscreen Video Player uses smart algorithms to pick the right rendition for the end-user connection speed, to instantly provide the greatest viewing experience. 

Create chapters, episodes, course tracks or playlists

Allow your users to view your content in a sequence by creating playlists and course tracks. Auto-play function will enable them to seamlessly switch to the next video automatically, based on your setting.

Create chapters episodes and more all in the player
auto play next video Uscreen video player

Next video, auto play

Offer a smooth transition for your videos in a specific sequence by enabling the next video feature for auto playback.

Supreme viewing experience

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