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Performing Arts Streaming Service

Performing arts and culture streaming service

Bring Your Stage Online

Upload & Organize

Upload in bulk, organize content in categories, add custom filters & upload extras.

Stream On-Demand

Build a library of your best performances. Charge subscription or one-time fees.

Stream Live

Schedule live streaming events in advance & build excitement with a countdown overlay.


Expand the value of each performance beyond the seating. Accept credit cards & PayPal.


Know what your community is watching & what content they find most engaging.

Your Own Apps

Create a five-star streaming experience for you arts and culture audience on any device.

Stream live & on-demand to any device

With Uscreen platform and OTT apps, you can provide your audience a premium, branded streaming experience across devices.

live streaming on all devices

Engage with your audience like never before

Take your arts, culture and performance video content beyond the limits of your micro-location. Captivate and engage audiences globally.

Live streaming live chat with viewers

Take control of your viewership

Choose who can access your performance videos. Exclude one or multiple locations, and even limit access to a single country.

secure geo blocking features

Your art deserves center stage

Here’s why Uscreen is the platform of choice for the finest performing arts venues and artists globally.

Easy Ticket Management

User data and billing info in one place

Scale Your Business

Create a sustainable, predictable revenue online.

Attract Global Audience

Reach beyond your micro location and reach audiences everywhere.

Versatile Marketing Tools

Improve loyalty, reduce churn, convert