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Case Study: How Collective Kula Make Over $20k Per Month

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Meet Collective Kula

In 2020, Nicole Wild launched The Collective Kula, a community-oriented membership platform that helps yogis deepen their practice through online classes and in-person retreats.

Today, the Collective Kula is a thriving revenue stream that generates $20k+ a month. But as a first-time online business owner, Nicole started small with Uscreen’s Live Streaming Plus tier. Her plan for long-term success was to build up the platform with specific features her members wanted.

Nicole upgraded to the 1 App Plus plan, complete with a whole new set of features and capabilities to help Collective Kula grow.

Features Designed to Scale


Nicole’s top priority was adding mobile apps to her platform. Based on feedback from her members, she decided to start with an iOS app – and it’s doing so well that she’s now planning to launch more. More apps creates the potential for higher viewership, so it’s a great business move.

With the app, Collective Kula offers an all-in-one membership experience. People can use their iOS devices to access the entire catalog of pre-recorded classes, the built-in community forum, and participate in Nicole’s signature livestreams.

Live Streaming

Before Uscreen, Nicole hosted live sessions on Instagram. Not only was it complicated to redirect viewers off-platform, but it meant she was only monetizing her livestreams with donations.

Now, Collective Kula’s website and app offer members an efficient, user-friendly way to participate in yoga classes, meditations, Q&A sessions, and more.

Dedicated Account Manager

Scaling a business is a lot of work, and Nicole’s dedicated UscreenPlus account manager helps keep The Collective Kula running smoothly. Having the personalized support takes the overwhelm out of scaling.

“I love my contact at Uscreen – she’s such an awesome resource for anything Uscreen-related I need. Even though she’s not technically in-house with Collective Kula, she’s a valuable part of the team.”


In Collective Kula’s first year at Uscreen, they gained over 400 subscribers, and that number has been growing ever since.

The combo of website and apps has helped Nicole make more money on her recorded content, and the account manager means every part of the business gets the attention it needs to consistently grow and expand.

Nicole even uses Plus livestreams as a marketing tool. When she hosted Collective Kula’s first live event with Uscreen, she opened it up to the public and emailed all participants a link for a free month.

She got over 50 signups and introduced a new wave of interested viewers to her platform.

For Nicole, investing back into The Collective Kula with the 1 App Plus upgrade was a stepping stone that opened up a new level of revenue.

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