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Case Study: How Abundance+ Doubled Their Revenue With Apps

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Meet Abundance+

Justin Rhodes, founder of Abundance+, is an entrepreneur and successful content creator with over 1M YouTube subscribers. He offers premium homesteading content that teaches people how to grow their own food and live off the land.

“If I want to grow the business every year, it comes down to getting my own platform and my own app.”

After building a large social following, Justin realized there was a high demand for his niche content – and he needed a better way to monetize it. His goal was to give his subscribers a high-quality experience that YouTube couldn’t offer. So in 2021, he launched his own paid membership platform with Uscreen.

Creating Engaging Apps

The Uscreen team built Justin’s custom branded apps while he created his website using our easy drag-and-drop page builder. When it was time to launch, the reaction from his audience was overwhelmingly positive.

“People were ready for apps, and for a platform that felt like our own.”

Subscribers use the apps to browse his Netflix-style video catalog, where they can stream masterclasses, vlog episodes, and educational content from other homesteading experts. They can even download content and create their own playlists for on-the-go viewing. Plus, the built-in community means people can watch, engage, and interact, all on one easy-to-use platform.


The combination of website and apps was exactly what Justin’s audience wanted.

In 2023, over 76% of Abundance+ subscribers access content using apps because they provide a seamless user experience on any device.

That ease of use creates high satisfaction rates and happy, loyal customers, which has helped Justin double his income. Now, he makes well over 6 figures a month.



Apps also improved Justin’s reach and accessibility. Abundance+ is available on 6 different platforms, including iOS, Android, and TV – so more people can choose their preferred way to watch. As a result, he’s seen amazing growth.

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