How hard is it to setup the OTT apps?

It’s a total breeze for you, a little work for us 🙂 That’s why we do it all for you, and even maintain it after it’s launched.

The app launch process works like this –

1 – You can order the apps by requesting them from the Distribution tab in your Admin Area, or emailing us at

2 – Once your order is verified, we send you a few simple forms to fill out (one form per app). We will ask you for details including your app name, description, categories, offers, and images.

3 – Once you send us back this information, our team will review all the assets.

4 – Once the assets are confirmed, we do the rest of the work and begin the app publishing process.

Keep in mind that from the time we receive all your information and verify it, it takes on average 30-60 days to launch the app. Sometimes it happens much sooner, but we always provide this timeframe.

On average, we see a 30% increase in sales upon launching an OTT app. This is because the apps provide your users a very easy way to purchase and consume your content directly from mobile and TV devices.

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