Frequently Asked Questions


Who are some of Uscreen’s most popular customers that are doing very well?

Uscreen has over 1000 customers, from major companies to individuals. Zumba, Wanderlust & ToysRUs leverage Uscreen and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars selling videos, & individuals running companies such as Total Immersion Academy use Uscreen.

How long will it take for me to get setup on Uscreen?

This depends on how many videos you have, and how fast you want to get set up. Generally speaking, you can get a lot done with a few hours of work put towards setting up the platform. Many of our clients get set up within one day if they only have a limited amount of content, while others may take a few weeks depending on if they have a large library of videos, whether they have thumbnails ready to go or they have to be designed, and so forth. The platform is very easy to use and we have great help guides and video tutorials, enabling you to get set up within hours.

How can I list my videos online for sale?

You can easily upload your videos, set a price and list them for sale on Uscreen, Uscreen fully hosts the website for you, the videos & includes a billing system.

What is the difference between AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, and OTT?

Holy acronyms! Let’s start with the root “word”, VOD: Video on Demand. Video on Demand, as the name implies, allows the viewer to control what to watch, when to watch it, and where. Video on demand is the biggest trend of video on the Internet today and growing fast. Uscreen allows you to have your own Video on Demand platform.

AVOD: Advertising Video on Demand is free for viewers, and a model wherein advertisers pay for your attention. Uscreen allows you to also setup AVOD and insert ads into your videos.

SVOD: Subscription Video on Demand is where you pay a typically pay a monthly flat-rate subscription fee in order to access a series of programs or catalog. Uscreen allows you to setup your own SVOD platform.

TVOD: Transactional Video on Demand is when you pay per transaction. Think pay-per-view (ppv) TV and movies that you can buy from Apple iTunes.

Lastly, all of these fall under the OTT (Over The Top) umbrella. OTT refers to content in the form of audio, video, etc that is transmitted via the internet.

Where does Uscreen come into play then? We are a SVOD platform which provides TV apps (OTT), (SVOD) and do pay per transaction (TVOD) as well.

How do I become a reseller?

Please visit our resellers page for more information here.


Is Video Storage and Bandwidth really unlimited?

Yes, we do not limit you on storage, viewing or bandwidth – it's fully unlimited. We also provide encoding at no charge i.e. when you upload a file, we prepare it for mobile and multi-device delivery. For video to be delivered properly it has to be encoded, which many vendors charge for.

Do you have a bulk uploader?

Yes, we have a bulk upload functionality. As well, you can sync your account with Vimeo, Wistia, or YouTube, or easily upload content from FTP, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Will the videos buffer if my viewers are all over the world?

No. We use the same two major CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) that are used by Netflix and YouTube – EdgeCast and Akamai. Your content is securely stored in local servers all around the world. When a viewer plays a video it goes to the closest proximity server available to that viewer, thus enabling instant, high-quality playback.

Can I customize the themes?

Yes, our themes are fully customizable; you can make changes to your theme with our point and click editor. You can even access the source code & fully customize everything.

Is the platform white labeled?

Yes, the Uscreen name appears nowhere on the platform - it's all branded with your company’s name, colors and brand. We are the ONLY non branded platform on the market.

What are 3rd party integrations?

We integrate with various apps which allow you to send, for example, a new subscriber or a new registration to apps such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, SalesForce, Pardot, InfusionSoft and a dozen others. We also integrate with Zapier, which connects to over 500 apps.

Can I customize the checkout pages and order form which collects user information?

Yes, you can add and remove any field. For example, you can collect additional info such as "Church Name" or “School Name" at checkout, and have the ability to make them required or not.

Can I add subtitles to my videos?

Yes, the Uscreen VOD platform fully supports multi-language subtitles which can easily be uploaded via the backend.

Can I block certain countries from accessing my content and website?

Yes, we have a Geo-blocking feature which allows you to easily block traffic from specific countries. It's a simple tab in your publisher backend that allows you to select which countries you want to block.

Can I distribute any type of content?

Yes, you can distribute video, audio, documents of all kinds including PDFs, Word, Excel, as well as EPUB files.

Can I create coupons?

Yes, we have a Coupon feature which is very customizable – you can set limits, expiration dates, % off, etc.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can do so easily in the backend.

Do you support multi-languages on the website?

Yes. We support English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, German, as well as other languages by request.

Can you host About pages, and other types of pages including a blog?

The Uscreen VOD platform has a built-in blog where you can manage posts, generate collaboration and publish blog-posts right on your website. You can also add additional pages such as HTML pages & landing pages.

What are native apps?

Native apps are apps with your brand, colors, look and feel that are launched, maintained and updated by us on the app stores. For example, you can get your own iOS, Android, AppleTV, or Roku app in the app store that is published and fully maintained by Uscreen. This means your customers are able to visit to the app store, download your app, and gain access to your content.


What payment methods do you support?

We support Stripe and Braintree Payments, and through Braintree, PayPal is fully supported. If you are in a country that does not qualify you to be approved for these 2 gateways, please contact for more information about additional gateways that are supported globally. The fees associated with these gateways are charged directly by the gateway to you; we do not charge any fees from the gateway side.

How much does Uscreen take out of my channel earnings?

None. Uscreen does not take any commissions or revenue share, we simply charge a flat monthly fee which we call a platform fee ad there are no additional fees.

How and when do I get paid by Uscreen?

You get paid instantly directly into your bank account the same day.


Do you protect against shared passwords?

Yes, we have a tool that notifies us when passwords are shared and used by different devices and IP addresses. All content on Uscreen is secure.

Is the checkout process secure?

Yes, all checkout pages are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption by default.

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