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Wanderlust TV's Yoga video streaming service


The expert teachers and speakers from the Wanderlust festivals transforming their business with Uscreen.

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Naturally Sassy Blog

Naturally Sassy

Strong and supple ballerina physique is now accessible to all. Stream to any device, whenever, wherever.

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Shell Shock Fitness

Shell Shock® Fitness

Celebrity fitness trainer gives life a kick with an online workout program and steady flow of fresh content.

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A true fitness jewel, straight from the heart of Europe, brings you a powerful workout program in Danish.

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Aerial Physique TV streaming service

Aerial Physique TV

Premium aerial video training and tutorials for a niche market that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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Koboko Fitness

Koboko Fitness

Vibrant video workout channel for women of all levels of readiness. See how this Certified Personal Trainer helps women all over the world get in shape.

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SpinTV website preview


The next evolution in spinning, streaming a diverse selection of exclusive new rides straight to their clients’ homes.

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Body Harmonics Homepage Preview

Body Harmonics

A scientifically-based Pilates programs, designed to helping people move with optimal posture, strength and ease at any age – globally.

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Balanced Body

A workout series that helps their audience live more balanced, happier lives. Access available with a single purchase or as a subscription.

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Birdie Time Video Classes from the top coaches


Exclusive golf video classes from the best names in the game, for all levels of readiness available online.

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We’re often asked…

Is Uscreen here to stay?

It sure is! Uscreen was founded in 2015 in Washington, D.C., and is now a team of 20+ incredibly talented, dedicated professionals joining from around the world to help you become and stay successful in the video monetization space.

Can I get my own apps?

Certainly! You can request your native OTT apps directly from your admin area, or by contacting our sales team. We will publish it directly in your developer account, and we handle all the updates and maintenance at no extra cost.

Do I own my own content and data?

You sure do. We know how hard you’ve worked to create your content and build your audience. We also know there are companies out there that purposefully make it difficult, if not impossible, to access your data, even your user information. We think that’s insane. Data, content and anything similar is yours to have, now and forever.

Can you help me migrate from another platform?

Absolutely! We provide full support for migrations, absolutely free of charge. Just get in touch with our sales team, or drop us a note through one of our contact forms. Once our team has a better picture of your needs and where you’re migrating from, we’ll agree on the process and get things started.

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