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Why You Should Start with an Online Course Instead of a Blog

You know how important it is to get a blog out there to engage your audience, right? Or wrong? Instead of putting all your efforts into creating the right blogs to grab the attention of your viewers, we’re going to tell you how others are generating quicker engagement through the application of online courses.

While this isn’t to suggest that all your content should be in the form of courses, it is to say that a course can be a much better place to start. If this seems like it goes against everything you’ve ever heard about engaging your audience, you’re somewhat correct. The only constant however, is change and in a rapidly changing world where online presence is of utter importance, video content has become the new king.


Before we get into why creating an online course is so important, you should be clear what exactly what it entails. An online course is pretty much a website that must be logged into or paid for that offers media content that creates a result for the user. Do you sell ties? A video or course that shows how to tie a tie is much more effective than a blog that outlines instructional details.

See where we’re going here? Take a look at some of the following reasons to better understand why creating an online course can be so effective for your business:

1. You Get to Know Your Audience Faster

If you write blogs or have a blog on your site, you’re probably aware that you haven’t a clue about the people reading your content. Sure you can read their comments and check where they are from referral data, but other than that you’re basically left in the dark.

With an online course hosted on the right platform however, you can start tracking their information from the very first day. Before someone even logs on to view your learning content, you’ve got their email, name, address, and often a better idea of what they care for.

Once they have logged in, you have the opportunity to see just how many times they’ve logged in, what they’re viewing, and what their response is. It takes all the guessing out of what your audience likes so you can better provide them with the content they’re interested in.

Course discussions provide an excellent opportunity to build relationships and trust amongst your audience. Once you’ve gained this trust and built these relationships, you can be assured that your audience will become more deeply engaged with the blogs you post in the future.

2. You Deliver a Specific Outcome

When you write a blog, even if you’re focused on delivering a specific goal, it’s more than easy to get diverted from what you really want to say. With a course on the other hand, that specific outcome you’re looking to achieve is what your audience expects. If you’ve got an audience that has joined your course, you know exactly what they’re expecting you to deliver and you can more easily gauge what will have the biggest impact.

Say you’re a yoga instructor. Rather than writing a blog about the five best poses for better sleep (pictures and bullet points included), your audience would probably prefer a quick 3-4 minute video that shows them exactly what to do. While most people in your audience wouldn’t bother to comment on your blog post for better sleep, if they’re watching a course they’ve signed up for (or even paid for) there’s much more investment on their end and they’ll be more likely to tell you what worked or what didn’t.

When you start with a course that people take the time to sign up for, you’re going to work a lot harder to give them the results they’re looking for. It motivates you to create the most engaging content you can because if you don’t you’re going to quickly lose your audience. Keep in mind that your audience is looking for the specific outcome you’re delivering and they’re more likely to find it in an outcome specific course than a blog that may or may not contain exactly what they’re looking for.

3. A Course is a Great Marketing Tool

If you think about the sheer number of blogs that are out there it’s likely to make your head spin. Sure many of them are good, but many aren’t and we tend to skip over them and never give them a second thought. With a course though, we already expect the content will be more valuable.

As a rule, we think courses will offer us the information we need better than a blog ever could. Courses are also much easier to market than blogs, and your audience will be more apt to sign up for a course than they will a newsletter that contains information they may or may not read.

When you offer a great course and people take notice, it’s much easier to market your other content at a later time. When they like what you’ve offered in the past and have really engaged in your courses, you can bet that they’ll sign up for whatever else you offer in the future without giving it a second thought.

 4. It Is Easier to Monetize Your Content

We all know it’s not too terribly difficult to generate traffic to a blog, but we also know that it can be pretty tough to make money on all that traffic. What if you could create a course that would help create an income to support whatever it is you’re doing?

Even if you start with a free course (which is an excellent idea), you’ve already got something going for you that you don’t with a blog. The audience is yours. They’ve signed up for your course and you’ve got their consent to continue to communicate with them.

Offering an engaging course for free that your audience goes wild over will make them more apt to pay for anything you offer in the future. Starting with a blog and moving to paid courses makes it much more difficult for you to gain the capital you deserve with the courses you offer. Start with a free course and build the foundation of your audience. Once you’ve got this base established, you can then offer paid courses as well as a few blogs.

Creating a course can be just as easy as creating a blog, and with more and more people turning to online courses the resources available to help you are becoming extensive. Starting with a course before a blog can be ridiculously beneficial to your business and it has the potential to launch you to success much sooner than a blog ever could

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