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What Will We Do With All Of Our DVD’s?


It isn’t a newsflash to see that DVD ownership is waning as online video streaming gains strength. The recent Adobe Video Benchmark Report is showing that there is a 388% rise in online streaming for tv content alone. Add to that fact that the average consumer is watching 4.5 movies per month (an uptick of two movies/mo compared to last year) and we are already on the march to the eventual demise of the DVD.

“Consumers’ content consumption habits are changing rapidly. Viewers expect seamless, more personalized viewing experiences across an ever-increasing number of devices, and broadcasters, media companies and advertisers must transform their digital strategies to optimize the viewing experience.” -Jeremy Helfand, vice president of Primetime at Adobe

As we move into the technology of digital online video streaming, DVD’s will become obsolete.

So here’s the question: In a world that is forever trying to reuse, remake, upcycle and be ‘green’, what are we to do with all of those outdated and unused DVD’s?

The answers are pretty astounding and every person, creative or not, has a chance to be an artist unto themselves:


DVD’s are a kaleidoscope of color and you can make use of this beauty by creating mosaics. Just cut a DVD into small angular pieces. Each piece glistens with rainbow shades. You can then glue these pieces to items such as a picture frame, small table tops, decorate wooden boxes, or even on ceramics. Make sure that the edges of each piece are glued into a thick mixture so that they don’t protrude and cause anyone to get cut.

Create a Clock:

A DVD is perfect for a personalized clock using your favorite music icon –or- turn it over and use the colorful side. You can get battery operated clock motors at any craft store and add small numbers (or use a permanent marker to create your own).

DVD’s As Wall Art:

This is great for a teenager – drill holes top, bottom and on both sides of each DVD and ‘link’ them together using binder rings. Each one will attach the DVD above and below it and create a single, easy to hang work of art.

DVD Suncatcher:

This is super easy. Drill a single hole at the top, for a string, ribbon or fishing line to hang. Collect items that are ‘sparkly’ and glue them to both sides of the DVD. It will be a sensational suncatcher, sparkling and turning in the wind.

DVD Disco Ball

This is a take-off of the mosaic concept, but due to the popularity, can stand on its own. You can use any kind of lightweight ball, just make sure it’s white. Once you glue all of the DVD mosaics, you will need to seal it so that the edges don’t cut anyone. When you are adding the sealer, you can also add touches of glitter so that everything dries with a beautiful sparkle and sheen. Some prefer not to use the colorful side of the DVD and, instead, spray the DVD’s silver before cutting them up to give a uniform look.

DVD’s a Roofing

This is a great takeoff to the boring roofing tiles and can be perfect for a dog house or doll house idea. If outdoors, you will need to lay the usual permanent protection to keep the weather out. Drill a hole in the top of each DVD and lay them in an overlapping method, in the same way that you would standard roofing tile. You will need to nail each one individually, being sure to overlap so the nail is hidden under the next one. When you are done – it is a work of art.

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