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Why You Should Launch Your Video Website Before Your OTT Apps

By James Johnson
5 Min Read
Why you should launch your video website before OTT apps

We build your OTT apps a little differently at Uscreen.

We’ve optimized a system that allows us to build high-quality apps quicker than anyone else. At the core of that system is one integral piece:

Your video website.

By investing as much time in building your video website as you would launching your OTT apps, you can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to launch your service
  • Create a platform to launch your apps
  • Make content uploading easier
  • Smoothen the app store approval process
  • Increase the potential number of positive app reviews

In this article, we’re going to show you exactly why all of this happens, and talk about why it’s important you schedule some time to get your site up and running.

Your OTT Apps Will Not Be Approved Without the Following 3 Things 

Your OTT app will need to go through an app store approval process run by the admin team of the app store you want to launch your app in, such as Apple, Google, Amazon or to build your Roku channel.

Uscreen has no say in this process. However, we have highlighted the key criteria you’ll need to fulfill, and created a workflow to help make this a speedy process.

Apple, Google, Roku and Amazon require you to have the following 3 things when submitting your OTT apps:

  • A solid website
  • Content uploaded to your apps
  • Your privacy policy, terms and conditions, and contact pages

Let’s take a look at each of them and why they’re important.

1. Content Uploaded To Your Video Catalog

Your app needs content in its library before it gets approved.


The only way to upload content to your app is through your Uscreen dashboard, which is directly connected to your video website.

When you upload content there it “flows” through to all of your OTT apps, so it can be viewed immediately by your customers.

Video directly to OTT apps graphic

This means you only have to upload a video once for it to reach all of your customers on all of the devices you have apps for.

2. A Published Privacy Policy And Terms & Conditions

The final elements you’ll need are these 3 pages from your video website:

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Terms & Conditions
  3. Contact Page

These are non-negotiable for getting your OTT apps approved.

But Wait! You’ll Also See These Surprising Benefits…

Okay, now you’ve seen the essentials you need to get your OTT apps approved, let’s talk about the bonus benefits of having a video website.

Here goes…

Having a Video Streaming Website Brings You More Paying Customers

Even though OTT app usage is clearly on the rise, the web still has the largest single percentage of viewers with 38% of Uscreen subscribers streaming through their browsers.

Devices people use to watch videos online

This tells us that while users are excited to be able to use OTT apps to stream their favorite content, they still expect to be able to do so using their laptops

Not to mention that people still trust websites more than apps for payments. They seem to feel safer making payments from their computers than their phones. 

We found that the majority of video content subscriptions are purchased on the streaming website first, after which 60% of content consumption for those same subscription purchases happens on the apps. 

This confirms that people are more likely to subscribe to your VOD if you offer them a secure website for the payment transaction.

So, even if you’re an app-first company, it’s worth having your content on your video website to cater to these people and potential exceptional circumstances.

Video website and OTT apps

You Can Pre-Launch Your Apps (And Build Buzz With Your Potential Customers!) 

As our awesome OTT Account Manager Hollie Schofield always likes to say: 

“When working on launching your apps with Uscreen, plan with elements based on where you want your business to be in 4 months.”

And your video website needs to be a part of that 4-month plan. 

If your site is ready before your apps you can use it as a central hub where you build buzz for your upcoming launch. 

You can:

  • Run social media campaigns that direct back to your site
  • Capture high-converting leads with email marketing
  • Publish enticing content
  • Craft meaningful sales pages
  • Generate sign-ups and take payments

Chuze Fitness did a great job of this when they launched their OTT apps. They used engaging social media videos to drive potential sign-ups back to their video website:

Better still…

You can supercharge your marketing using an exclusive set of tools only available through your video website.

You Get Access To A Full Suite Of Marketing Tools

When you set up your video website Uscreen gives you access to an entire suite of marketing tools at no extra cost.

You can access tools like…

…that allow you to tailor a marketing plan to your audience. 

These tools are currently only available if you have an active video website. So, it’s worth setting one up just to access them! 

You’ll Receive Fewer Negative Reviews

One of the biggest benefits of having a video website is this:

You will receive fewer negative app-store reviews. Why?

Because negative app reviews are typically customer service complaints. When users don’t know who to contact, they leave their complaints reviews in the app store.

Customer app complaint

You can avoid this by having an active video website with a contact page your customers can use to submit any complaints. This means you can handle them discreetly! 

This can have a direct impact on how much visibility you get in your chosen app stores, and help keep your conversion rates high.

Wrapping This Up…

Your video website is a key part of the Uscreen OTT app creation process. It’s good practice to have your site setup and ready-to-go before your apps are delivered. 

This will:

  • Make app approval smoother
  • Help us to brand your apps
  • Give you access to marketing resources
  • Reduce potential negative reviews

If you need any help on how to create and launch your video website, please contact your success team representative for more information! 

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