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Keeping Employees Updated on the Latest Procedures Using Training Videos



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The only constant is change and as a business owner you know how important it is to implement the changes in the workplace from time to time. When there are changes in workplace procedures they are usually implemented to provide positive results, whether it be saving time, making business run smoother, or promoting new ways of making money.

For the most part employees are usually excited to embrace changes in procedure. There are always a few who aren’t as receptive to change and it is important to make transitions in policy and procedure as smooth as possible. Planning for procedure change is important for efficient conversion and keeping employees informed is vital.





An easy and efficient way to keep employees updated on the latest procedures you are introducing to your company is through the use of video. Training employees on new procedures with videos that can be watched freely in their own time is one way many employers are finding makes the transition much smoother.

With video training quickly becoming the preferred method of training employees, business owners everywhere are implementing different types of training into their companies. Not only do employees prefer to watch these training videos in their own time, but also appreciate that their training can go virtually anywhere with them. The popularity of mobile video viewing only continues to skyrocket and smart business owners know that employees are more likely to engage positively with something that suits their desires.

Updating employees on the latest procedures taking place in your company is easy when you put all the information they need into easily accessible videos they can take with them wherever they go. While one video highlighting procedure changes may be all you need to get your information across efficiently, if procedure changes are more complicated or you are introducing changes in more than one department you may want to consider a series of short videos that highlight different changes.




  1. Introduce Procedure Changes Ahead of Time

Old habits die hard. It is important that you introduce changes ahead of time so employees have plenty of time to prepare for what’s to come. When using video to present procedure change, think about a short introduction video that highlights the changes to come. Let employees know what they can expect by outlining when and why these changes are taking place.


  1. Present One Procedure Change at a Time

It is sometimes necessary to change more than one procedure in order to make a business run effectively. If more than one procedure is changing, make sure to only give employees one task to learn at a time. This will ensure that all the information they need is fully absorbed without having to remember too much. Plan on presenting changes in order of importance and make sure to give employees ample time to learn each separately before moving to the next. A series of training videos would work best in cases where more than one policy is changing in your company.


  1. Demonstrate Desired Change

One of the best ways for people to learn something is to see how it’s done. Use your training video to effectively demonstrate a new procedure. Employees will appreciate being able to view this video as many times as necessary to make sure they’ve fully grasped the changes.


  1. Consider Quizzes to Test Employee Knowledge

You’ll never know if your employees have grasped what they’ve learned in your procedure changes training videos unless you test their knowledge. Adding fun quizzes at the end of each video segment will test employees’ knowledge and make sure they’re ready to go when changes are implemented. Consider locking the next phase of training until they have successfully passed each quiz at the end of a training segment. Quizzes or short tests will give you both the satisfaction to know that adhering to the new procedures will go smoothly and be a success.


  1. Ask For Feedback

Your employees are the heart of your company and their feedback is very important. At the end of your video training ask your employees how they feel about the new procedure changes and if they believe there is anything that could further enhance the benefits of these changes. Adding a section of the video where they can email you their feedback is an excellent addition to end your training series. Getting employee feedback will let you know if there are any changes that need to be made before new procedures are fully applied to your business.

Keeping employees updated on the latest procedures using training videos is one of the most effective ways you can get them all the information they need to make these changes a lasting success. Not only do these training videos give them all the information they need, but do so in a way that is convenient and can be watched at their leisure.

Not only does this save your company time and money, but it gives your employees all the time they need to fully comprehend what is expected of them as these changes go into effect. Video is a great way to effectively train your employees and, when implemented correctly, training videos will forever change the way you introduce necessary changes to your business.



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