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How to Promote Your Business with How-to Videos

Take a minute to think of just how much the internet dominates our lives. We’re literally online more than ever before and whether we’re tweeting on Twitter, posting to Instagram, or sharing on Facebook, we’re glued to our phones and devices. When we’re not sharing, tweeting, and liking, we’re watching.

Watching videos that is.

Online videos are dominating people’s phones, tablets, laptops and mobile devices. YouTubers watch more than six billion hours of video each month. Three hundred hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and people watch over 300 days-worth of video on Facebook per minute.

Mobile viewing is the most popular of all with over 50 million Americans now watching videos on their mobile phones. People are becoming quite used to instant gratification when it comes to online viewing and they’re taking their favorite video content with them wherever they go.

Needless to say, people love their video content and smart businesses know that video is one of the best ways to engage with their clients and successfully market their product or service. We all know video is the new content king, but the same old advertising video will only go so far, no matter how creatively you’ve put it together.

Do you want to know a really good way to keep your current customers and get new ones? Teach them how to do something. Whether it’s a skill they want to improve at or something they’ve never done before, offering how-to videos is an extremely effective method of connecting with clients on a completely different level than you’ve ever tried before. And it works like magic.

How do you do it? We’re going to show you how. Look toward the following to learn a little on “how to” grow your business with engaging and informative how-to videos.

5 Ways to Promote Your Business with How-To Videos

1. Offer Lessons People Want to Learn

Whatever business you’re in you can bet that you have something to offer clients that they want to learn. Extend your thoughts past the scope of your day-to-day operations and think broadly about what people might be interested in learning. There are definitely lessons that everyone wants to learn even if it doesn’t tie directly in with the scope of what your business really offers.

If you can find a lesson that a wide range of people want to learn, you’re golden. Think about broad topics that anyone will be happy to pick up some practical advice on. If you’re a company that sells kitchen equipment, consider offering a how-to video on how to grill the perfect burger. There are tons of things out there that people desperately want to learn. Offer them these lessons and watch your business grow.

2. Teach with a Partner

Teaming up with someone to present your how-to video can offer a world of benefits. If people see that your company is teaching with a well-known or knowledgeable partner, they’re more likely to engage with what you’re presenting. Your audience (including current and potential customers) wants value and watching a how-to from an expert in the field is a sure-fire way to get them to participate in the learning you offer.

Some of your existing clients most likely have networks of their own that could be super beneficial for your company or product promotion. See if they wouldn’t consider offering your how-to video on their own site, which is something that has potential to work favorably for both of you.

3. Do Something Unique that Connects with Your Brand

There are a gazillion other videos out there attempting to teach the same thing you are. Well, maybe not quite that many but you get the idea. How are you going to stand out? What can make your video appeal to viewers above all others?

Think about making your teaching tutorial stand out from the others by offering a unique twist. Anyone can learn how to boil eggs, but does everyone learn to boil eggs from farm-raised chickens? See where we’re taking this? Make your brand stand out by offering something completely unique on something that’s been done countless times before.

4. Teach Customers How To Do What You Do Best

There’s probably something about your business that makes you stand out from the pack. Your customers want your product or services or else they wouldn’t come to you for their needs. Don’t shy away from revealing some of your secrets. Teach them how to do what you do best. Does this take business away from you? Not in the slightest.

If you’re in the business of selling beauty products, think about offering an online tutorial that essentially teaches your customers “how to apply makeup like an artist.” Offer your audience instruction on how to paint their nails like a pro or how to apply the perfect red lipstick. Whatever you know how to do better is what they want. Show them what you’re made of by teaching them how to do it like the pros.


Own a restaurant? Why not show your viewers how to make one of your signature dishes? Contrary to what you might think, it won’t keep people out of your establishment eating in the comfort of their own home. It’s going to get them thinking about eating at your place, not in their own kitchen trying to master what only you can create to perfection.

5. Show Your Product in Action While Teaching Your Customers

Want to make more sales? There is no better way to demonstrate how to do something than by doing it with your own product. When potential customers learn how to do something with your product as the leading example they’ll automatically be drawn to whatever it is you’re selling.

If you sell workout gear, you could offer a video on how-to properly train for a 5k, with people in your video wearing the clothes you sell of course. If you’re in the business of selling pastries don’t think twice about showing how to make one of your signature pies filmed right in your own bakery.

When you show your product in action while teaching your customers a valuable life skill, they’re going to automatically take notice of your product. It’s going to get them thinking about what you have to offer, especially when they’ve positively benefited from it.


In today’s modern business world, remember it’s not all about advertising your product. Yes, it helps, but to really reach potential clients and promote your business you’ve got to go further. You need to offer some kind of benefit before someone even makes a purchase. The best way to do this is by offering instruction on how to do something your potential customer base is interested in.

How to’s hold the potential to seriously increase your business. People are looking to learn new skills, and they’re looking towards online videos for the information they desire. There are hundreds of different ways you can draw your audience in by teaching them how to do something.

No matter what business you’re in, there’s a way to offer instruction that shows potential customers how to do something, while at the same time branding your business in their mind.

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