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How A Motivational Speaker Monetized Her Message

Karen Hoyos video

Motivational speakers change the world. They tell their stories at conferences, schools, or workshops and offer real-life tips that can help people realize their dreams and goals. Motivational speakers can also make good money speaking for crowds, but there is one glaring line of revenue that seems to be missing for these inspiration moguls – video streaming. Some still sell DVDs and others use YouTube in an attempt to monetize their message. But, as we mentioned in previous blogs, DVDs are dead, and YouTube takes 45 percent of every dollar earned! So, what other options are there? We’ll tell you how one motivational speaker was able to take her program and change lives by being able to sell it all over the world.

Karen Hoyos, an international motivational speaker from Columbia, has monetized a full three-day workshop The Magic of Manifestation by using a streaming video platform. She has an inspiring message that can be heard where people are. She says in her YouTube product video that it’s the first time she’s made a workshop available in this way.

“…so you can learn and have access to the tools to transform your life forever from the comfort of your home, from the comfort of your cell phone, anywhere, you can now bring me with you!”


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Hoyos can now make money at her conferences and also use them to sell the video streaming options to continue to change people’s lives after they go home. Here is what she discovered she can do with the Uscreen platform:

  • Upload videos fast – It doesn’t take more than a few minutes!
  • Easily build a video menu and chapters – you can link chapters to the menu options and add time stamps.
  • Price the video – You can price individual videos or add a subscription.
  • It’s mobile-friendly – There is an easy Uscreen app, that will let customers take her message anywhere!
  • Integrates with websites – Uscreen can integrate with your website or via Shopify.

Hoyos discovered that using a premium streaming video platform could help her better reach her audience from around the world and make money while doing it. Do you know of any motivational speakers that you think could benefit from using a premium streaming platform? Let us know who in the comments!

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