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Hey Mom: What’s a DVD?

what is dvd

If you found yourself smirking at the title, you would not be alone. But there is a reality in the statement that has taken decades to evolve. We are finding ourselves at the tipping point, a shift in the paradigm, and a complete change in the way people think of their entertainment choices. Personal ownership has taken a back seat to trending-for-the moment and net based digital video is now the method used by a majority of consumers.

LP, 8-Tracks, Cassettes, VHS and now DVD’s:

Anyone that lived through the LP record era (and may still have a collection) knows that there was not only something very personal to each album, but an art form that was created to display the covers. An album reflected choice, identity and self and was proudly shown as part of the genre of the generation. Ownership continued through the ultimate changes in technology. The less than gratifying 8-tracks, the short lived VHS and even with the thrill of cassettes, that gave everyone the opportunity to create their own mix. Personal ownership played a major part of music and video and continued into the era of the DVD. Today, how many kids can recognize a cassette? A VHS? An 8-track? The same situation will be quickly happening to DVD’s.

Internet Brings an Alteration of Psychology

The net, has been bringing about a change to everything in business and individual lifestyle. It was only a matter of time that the immediate gratification culture adopted the attitude of trend-for-the-moment. Personal ownership began to play less and less of an important role as the advent of the latest, newest and most popular entered the arena. Desktop viewing of music, video and television shows began to see an increase and this made a major plunge for companies such as Blockbuster, who didn’t make the shift in culture and consumer demand.

Smartphone Revolution and Ownership

There is no denying that smartphones have created an explosion in the way that people view everything. Multi-device access, downloads and online viewing has not only taken hold of the industries, but are currently outpacing all other forms of viewing and are now in second place to television viewing. The idea of personal ownership is no longer a priority and has been replaced with whatever is trending. The Millennials may have set the pace as only 44% actually watch any video via a television, but the demographics are expanding to include many age groups that watch, view and listen on multiple devices. Personal ‘ownership’ has made a transition; it is now all about the smartphone and there are multiple generations that consider their phone, their identity. If you have any doubt about that idea, just look around at any group of thirty-somethings and younger and you will see the talking, texting, downloading revolution in action.

Exit the Dissolving DVD’s and Enter Online Digital Video

DVD’s were at one time, the boon to all of the entertainment industries, but there has been a continuous drop from the former $8 billion to $5 billion in sales and streaming music have experienced a 32% decrease. We are watching as people get rid of the entertainment centers that had so much storage space for DVD’s and downsizing to more sleek and compact choices. Smart businesses are recognizing that there is a need to offer the consumer what they want, at whatever moment they need it. Omni-channel via tablet, smartphone or computer is all about online internet availability. As we see the DVD world continue to reduce, the opportunities are opening for online digital video such as Uscreen, bringing a secure platform to offer digital video uploads that appeal to the customers that want to ‘pay to play’ with multi-device abilities.

So ultimately, the children that you see in today’s school playground are indeed the next generation that will be completely involved in net-based entertainment of all types. They are already viewing their lessons on tablets and homework is being done via computer. In the next few years, amid the flurry of life questions, there will be the one that includes “what is a DVD?”

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