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Easing the Stress of Employee Training Using Training Videos


While proper employee training is absolutely necessary for the success of your business, there’s no doubt that it often comes with a lot of stress. No matter if you’re training two or 200 new people, effectively training employees to do their best is something that can be a demanding task.

From meeting different schedule constraints to the often already busy schedule of your management, finding a time that works for everyone can prove to be a difficult undertaking indeed. Many companies are finding that instead of trying to fit in a period that works for everyone that implementing training videos that people can watch on their own time eliminates much of the stress involved.



Online video is growing so fast that it is predicted to be more popular than Facebook and Twitter by 2017. According to Cisco, online video will account for almost 70% of internet traffic over the next couple years. In today’s fast-paced world, video is becoming the new information king and offers the most beneficial way of learning for all your training needs.

People have become accustom having the access of the internet at their fingertips anywhere they go. The days of sitting behind a large desktop computer or even laptop are over, and more and more people are turning to tablets or their mobile devices for all their browsing needs. Smartphone and tablet video viewing has increased more than 400% since 2012 and is only expected to continue to grow.



Whether you’re training new hires or offering new methods to existing employees, training definitely come with some pressure. For new and current employees alike, it is vital that they not only receive, but also remember the pertinent information that’s been presented in training.

Video has shown to help up to 95% of people remember what they’ve learned for up to three days after they watch it, while only around 10% recall the same information when it is read or taught in a seminar. If you’re looking for information retention and successful training, video is the way to go.



For new employees forgetting everything they’ve learned can be one of the biggest causes of stress they feel coming into their new position. Training videos can help alleviate this stress completely by offering new-hires a chance to watch a training video as many times as they need until all information is absorbed. Most video training programs offer quizzes or tests after each important lesson to make sure they feel comfortable and that the most important information is retained.

This also holds true for seasoned employees that are required to learn new skills. Learning new ways of doing things can be one of the most stressful and confusing parts of being an employee. Most of us are creatures of habit and the while the introduction of new methods is usually meant to make things run smoother, it sometimes takes more time than it should.

If the employees you already have are equipped with the training videos they need throughout these new processes, it offers them the tools they need to ensure they are always able to access the appropriate information. If, for example, there is something they missed or can’t quite seem to grasp about new policies, they can reference their training videos even when they aren’t on the job. Often stepping away from a situation and looking at it with fresh eyes is the best way to clear up confusion.


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It is no secret that managing a business is no easy task. Throw training on top of already demanding management schedules and there’s no doubt that managers can become extremely overloaded. Using training videos however is an easy way to take some of the pressure off your management team.

When you incorporate training videos into your employee training, managers are left to do what they do best. Manage your business. Instead of taking time away from their other many responsibilities, training videos free up a lot of time that would otherwise go into employee training.

When the stress of management is reduced, the entire company tends to flourish. Taking the pressure off managers by training through video will help them to better interact with new employees and answer any pending questions they may have. It will also leave them free to handle whatever other obligations they may have to attend to.



Most of us live very busy lives and finding a time that works for employee training can prove to be a huge hassle. When video training is implemented employees are free to watch training videos in their own time, something that many will find extremely beneficial.

Rather than becoming anxious about fitting training into an already busy schedule, employees will benefit from the ease of watching training videos at a time that is convenient to them. Not only will this take pressure off employees, but will allow them to learn what they need to know when they will best absorb the information.

With video training, time restrictions disappear. If an employee finds that the best time for them to learn is in the evening after they’ve taken care of everything else, they’ll have the freedom to do so. For those that pick up information better in the early hours, they can watch these training videos before the day begins.

Managers are already busy enough to begin with, and using training videos (rather than management) to train employees will ensure that they have they can stick to a time schedule that allows them to do the best job possible. When they don’t have to take the time out of regular business hours or put in especially long hours during training sessions, they are free to help you run your business successfully.

Using videos to train employees greatly reduces the hassle of time restraints on all parties involved. When video is used for training, there is no need for anyone to feel pressured when the accessibility of training is available anywhere, at all times.

Employee training doesn’t have to be stressful when video training becomes involved. Learning to successfully implement video training for both new and veteran employees is an excellent way to reduce stress and ensure employees ease into their new positions relaxed, rested, and ready to go.

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