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E-Learning With Net-Based Video Accessibility

E-Learning expectations

The internet has influenced every aspect of culture and lifestyle on a global scale. Social media has become method of instant communication, to the point of altering the way people gather, govern and learn. e-Learning had its infancy with online college courses but is quickly becoming a method that is being adopted in the business world through the use of online video that is accessed on multiple platforms.

Ever Sit Through A PowerPoint Presentation?

Yes, pretty much everyone has been forced to view screen after screen of boring images while they listened to someone drone on about the benefits of this product or the rise and fall of sales statistics. There is usually a silent groan when the lights are dimmed and the room realizes this presentation is over 40 slides. The problem has become so fierce, that many have added humor and funny pictures, just to keep the attention of the crowd. If you want to have the viewer retain the message that is being shown, it must be understood that PowerPoint had its day, but it is no longer.

Online Digital Video and e-Learning: Stats, Info and Down Right Interesting

When it comes to the topic of learning, online video viewing brings refreshing answers that have plagued a number of past technologies. A digital video can be watched at the convenience of the viewer, there is no physical media requirement such as a DVD, and there is more information transmitted in a shorter period of time, making it the fastest way to learn. As e-learning using online video sets the tone in schools, universities and colleges around the world, businesses are picking up the pace as they offer staff members and customers digital video options to get the message out.

*According to, 77% of the corporations and businesses are using online learning in some format and Global Industry Analysis shows that of the $200 billion spent in corporate training, $56.2 billion is devoted to e-learning, with a growth projection to over $107 billion by 2015. Corporations save 50-70% when they replace an instructor based class with an e-learning opportunity.

* indicates that Europe and the United States make up 70% of the industries involved in global e-learning but the fastest growing are Malaysia and Vietnam.

*The Information Daily shows that those that participate in e-Learning absorb the information five times faster without increasing the actual time that is spent in the training process. Retention rate is also increased from 25% to 60% (

*An IBM report showed that e-Learning assists in an increase in company productivity by fifty percent with a result of $30 of productivity for each $1 spent.

* also indicates that over 4.6 million students in college are taking a minimum of one online course, with an anticipated increase expected by 2019 to jump to half of the college courses offered will be available online.

Digital Online Video: Uploads, Excellent ROI

While schools and businesses struggle with online digital video via their own secure networks, they can be cumbersome for the user and are designed for their specific audience. The expansion of e-Learning for additional opportunities directed for the general buying consumer has been made easier through the use of secure digital video upload platforms, such as Uscreen. The online option offers an ease of uploading, the ability to generate income and multi-device accessibility for customers.

Whether you have a yoga class instruction or have a more complicated video for webmasters, the dollars saved in creating a single video that is sold to your target customers brings an excellent ROI when compared to instructors, print or many of the other media formats.

Ultimate Goal of Learning Achieved

The bottom line is that any lesson must result in a high level of learning and retention. In today’s fast paced society, the cost savings and ease of presentation of digital video combined with the proven higher retention and increased productivity makes online digital video the smart and efficient choice for any business or school. The availability for viewing digital video online with whatever device that is preferred for the moment, is the absolute win for everyone and the success of this format is the wave that is taking over all aspects of the learning environment.

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