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Consumer Expectations: Video Streaming

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Video streaming has gone mainstream and it seems that consumers are continuing to demand more. As personal devices become more sophisticated, so is the requirement to have high quality video streaming. The need to represent excellence and put branding, products or services front and center is increasing exponentially. The good news is, the challenges of the past in creating and uploading videos to safe and secure areas is now a whole lot more convenient.

If you haven’t already added video streaming as part of your main marketing package, you may want to take a look at a Cisco report: “Seventy percent of U.S. broadband users are watching professionally produced internet video every week, with an average viewing time of more than 100 minutes per week. Among 18- to 24-year-olds, viewership rises to 94 percent. Overall, streaming video is ahead of downloading and about even with DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.”

So what is the consumer expectation for video streaming?

Again, according to the Cisco reports “It Came to Me in a Stream … The Upward Arc of Online Video, Driven by Consumers,” and “Streaming Under the Clouds: Solutions for Multiscreen Video Delivery.” :

*Consumers don’t like to pay. Free/ad-supported sites such as TV network sites and Hulu each pull in more than 40 percent of viewers. Hulu Plus, a for-fee site, draws only 9 percent. However, our research indicated that this doesn’t mean consumers won’t pay. Understanding consumers’ consumption preferences can unlock much opportunity with streaming video.

*Key areas on which to focus are:

Convenience / quality: convenience, along with the best content still reigns supreme.

Device / integrated experience: More consumers have increased their consumption of Internet video on the tablet in the last two years than on any other video-capable device. But Internet video viewing still occurs most frequently in the home…Consumers clearly expect a seamless multiscreen experience, with mobility being a key factor. The highest percentage of consumers believe they will increase their online video viewing in the next two years on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Content: TV shows are clearing a top favorite with 74% of internet video viewers watching their favorites online at least on a weekly basis and 42% every day. That is higher than the percentages of movies, which is 52% weekly and 12% daily. However, the main theme on this is that a broad content library is the hot incentive for consumers.

No technical problems: Providing the consumer with a quality experience that does not have any technical glitches and a choice in the device allows for greater monetization of online video services of the future. 27% of consumers stated that they would buy more online videos if they had access to a safe, reliable, cloud-based ‘digital locker’ and 19% stated that they would rent more.

Companies like Wowza and Uscreen seem to have already addressed the needs for the high quality online video upload world with top notch security options and flexible choices for the consumer. With selections such as click to preview before buying, cloud based options and personal video folders, these two companies have leaped ahead of the curve in making online video streaming very attractive for the consumer. These are crucial in providing the type of consumer experience in video streaming that they not only expect to have, but will continue to demand as the trend rises.

It is clear that for any business, online video streaming in here to stay and every online business will need to include this as part of an integrated marketing package. The reach for this vertical is already demonstrating high levels of success, with a continued increased direction.

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