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Best Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Videos

Monetize Youtube videos

Taking advantage of the monetization for YouTube videos can open the door for opportunity, but like anything on the net, there are some rules and guidelines that you need to be aware of. To ensure that you make the right decisions you will need to be enlightened on some of the choices that can make or break your monetizing option. The ‘free service’ option of YouTube, combined with the concept of monetization can be enticing, but there are some creative and resourceful methods that can elevate revenue in a better direction

First, the Stats:

According to YouTube: Over 1 billion unique users access YouTube each month involving 6 billion hours of video each month. That equates to almost one hour for each person on the planet. 100 hours of video are uploaded each minute to YouTube and 80% of the YouTube traffic is sourced from outside of the United States. YouTube has localization in 61 countries and languages and Nielsen reported that YouTube reaches more adults in the U.S. (18-34 age group) than any of the cable networks. While YouTube has millions of daily subscriptions, this number is increasing and has tripled on a daily basis and is up 4x total since last year. Mobile viewing on YouTube makes up 40% of its global viewing time.

YouTube Monetizing, the Definition

YouTube offers an easy way to select and add advertisements to your YouTube video. This gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue stream by receiving a small portion of the advertising dollars. There are some guidelines that need to be followed, but for those that have large YouTube subscription lists or are close to building the list, there are some opportunities for income. YouTube can give you specific options, allowing you to require that the viewer watch the video in its entirety or make use of the ‘skip this ad’ function after a specified number of seconds. Unsure if the ‘skip’ concept effects any revenue option, but odds are that it does. There are also potential limitations when it comes to which countries are approved for the advertisements. YouTube has made their monetization process pretty easy as you only have to select which ad(s) is to be viewed.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…..

Let’s start with the downside so that you don’t succumb to visions of dollar signs dancing in your head and end up seeing only a few pennies. YouTube does offer a type of partnering program that will allow monetization. In this case, it’s important to read the ‘small print’, because there is a high level requirement of views (possibly millions) before any revenue will be shared with you. This and other programs like it on the net are not recommended as only a few of the very largest partners ever see profits. There are a few success stories on the net, but it is advised to not be swayed by them too easily. For every success story, there are large numbers that did not.

Your Videos Are Available for Everyone to Take

This piece of advice has to be included as a reminder to you. Your videos are your property and, if handled properly, could be a good source of income standing on their own merit. If you are set on listing them on sites such as YouTube, you need to remember that your proprietary video could be pirated from those that are less than honorable. You may want to rethink the process if you are listing your most prized and valuable videos on YouTube or free service platforms or make use of a few alternative concepts for revenue.

Your YouTube Video Linked to Paid Video Service

Some of the savvy companies are discovering that they can create an online video that can capture attention with longer viewing time and lots of eyes and then continue the interest by linking to additional videos on a secure and paid platform such as Uscreen. The initial video needs to be on a topic that acts like a ‘teaser’ and is perceived as being of value by the viewer. Once you have established credibility, the next step is for the viewer to register to see what else you have to offer. This is by far the most ingenious way to create a following that will bring repeat revenue to your door. This is considered to be a paid content model and from a business perspective is the path that can lead to better success.

Working With Partner Companies for Affiliate Deals

You can coordinate with other companies in an affiliate deal. This can be a little sketchy if they are not experienced in monetizing, as figuring out the revenue could be difficult and you are risking potential revenue loss when there is a lowered tracking ability. In essence it allows you to be the spokesman for another company in the videos that you are listing. This is an option that is typically used by anyone that may not have a very powerful product to sell and wants to take advantage of the attraction and interest that can be leveraged from someone else’s product.

Aligning With a Partner That Can Help You Work Your Videos

This is a bit different than either the link-only to a paid service or signing up with affiliate deals. Developing a partnership with an existing professional online video service company, such as Uscreen, will allow you to take advantage of their knowledge base on the best ways to make a success of your free YouTube videos while gleaning dollars from a paid video service with them. Your partnership will give you client privilege for consultations from the advice of the experts, open the door to opportunities as you both progress together, allow you to get revenue from selling your most valuable videos via a secure platform that is e-commerce ready and give your customers the option of viewing on whatever device they prefer. It is monetization, with a twist, getting the best of all worlds.

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