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5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Videos Online

What if someone told you that you could put a few weeks’ worth of work into a video and make a profit from it for the rest of your life?

Far from a gimmick, this is exactly what many smart entrepreneurs are starting to do to make a sizable passive income from the expertise and knowledge they already possess, which is just stored in their minds without generating any returns.

With all the technology available out there right now, it’s possible for anyone to create a high-quality video that will catch people’s attention and keep them coming back for more, as long as the script and storytelling are done right.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons why you should be selling your videos online instead of simply uploading them to YouTube or sharing them for free:

Why Selling Your Videos is the Way to Go

Many content creators upload their videos to YouTube in the hopes that their audience will share and promote their content so that it goes viral, generating millions of views and, most importantly, millions of dollars from the ad revenue. But this is not the best strategy for capitalizing on your hard work.

Not only does YouTube keep a whopping 45% of your earnings, but you must reach more than a million views to actually start raking in the big bucks. For example, a YouTube star with around a million subscribers receives about $7.60 for every 1,000 ad views, which totals to net earnings of $100,000 per year, but only $13,500 annually once YouTube’s 45% cut and taxes are accounted for.

The best way to sell your video content is to use a video-on-demand platform such as Uscreen to create your own virtual store where you can easily upload your content, stay in contact with your customers, and protect your content from would-be piraters.

More Reasons to Monetize Your Video Content

There are many more reasons why selling your videos is a viable and profitable business model:

1. It is a profitable source of passive income.


The prospect of securing a reliable source of income that doesn’t require an ongoing investment of time should be enticing for anyone. The beauty of this is that anyone can sell their expertise by shooting a video once and then selling it for years to come.

Just look at how yoga expert Amy Griffith has seen a 30% increase in revenue by using the video-on-demand platform Uscreen to sell her video courses.

2. Make a profit from what you already know.

Another advantage to creating and selling your own videos is the ability to make residual income from the interests and hobbies you enjoy doing anyway. Imagine if you could make money from the knowledge you already have on, let’s say, programming, blogging, or even cooking.

To inspire you, here are some more ideas for making money from special-interest videos:


Take a look at how educator Kevin Brookhouser sells his in-depth knowledge on education and how to prepare students for future careers.

Public speakers:

Play the video

Motivational speakers can also make a sizable income from their videos. Although you might not have the super-star reputation of Tony Robbins to drive astronomical sales, you can still find relatively untapped markets for faith-based teaching, self-help and self-empowerment topics, among others.


Play the video

From fitness and weight loss trainers to martial arts and swimming instructors, trainers of all sorts can also sell their videos online.

Just take a look at how the swimming academy Total Immersion increased its revenue by using the video-on-demand platform Uscreen to create a video membership site which conveniently provides video content to its users from a single place.

After launching its new membership platform, not only did they see a dramatic increase in members, but they also saw a reduction in churn levels.

Business people:

Those with expert knowledge in business-related topics, such as marketing, finance, and management, have a particularly wide playing field. A breadth of experience and time-tested expertise in this field will always be met with great demand.


There are also plenty of video membership sites for aspiring illustrators, graphic designers, and visual artists, such as this site. Here, users can stream their video content from anywhere and from any device, saving them the time and resources needed to commute to a specific training location.



Independent filmmakers can also create their own Netflix-like platform using Uscreen. This site, for example, allows users to watch a variety of films on demand or to download a digital copy.



Performers such as musicians can also share their knowledge through an online video platform, such as this site called HD Piano.


Those with highly technical knowledge such as programmers and web developers can also share their skills through online video content.

3. Video as a content format will explode in the next few years.

Placing your bets on video will surely pay off in the long run, according to the most cited industry reports. Not only is video expected to account for 80% of all online traffic by 2019, but a million seconds of video will be shared online every second. The increased popularity of mobile video will only accelerate this trend.

4. Easily create your own online video store.

With the demise of the physical DVD and the growing demand for online video, it is now easier than ever to create your own video-on-demand platform.

This not only enables you to reach your potential customers wherever they may be, from the United States to China, you can also engage with them and keep track of their interactions with your site through the powerful analytics features of a VOD platform like Uscreen.

5. Produce your own quality videos.

Nowadays, even those without any video production experience or knowledge can shoot a professional-looking video with the right equipment. Not only are there plenty of affordable DSLR cameras that can be used to capture high-quality footage, there are also accessible video editing software options, such as iMovie and Adobe Suite.

So, not only is it not necessary to be a professional videographer to produce a quality video, it is also not a requirement to be a subject matter expert or even appear on camera. There are many successful video content creators who are now partnering with experts in their niche markets and establishing successful joint ventures with them.

This is our list of the top 5 reasons why you should be selling your own video content instead of giving it away or hoping to make ad revenue from it. What about your video content production ideas? What expertise or talent do you have that could be communicated in video format? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Just drop us a line in the comments section below.

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