Uscreen Affiliate Program

We’ve got the sweetest deal for you! Help people everywhere monetize their videos and earn revenue while doing it.

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How to become a Uscreen Affiliate

Get your affiliate links set up and start earning in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Click here to sign up.

Step 2

Check your email for login info and set up your affiliate links.

Step 3

Start promoting! You can see your leads and conversions in your affiliate dashoard.


Some really good reasons to join the Uscreen Affiliate Program

Help video creators and businesses grow and earn a steady income while doing it.

Earn as they go

Earn a steady 20% every time one of your referrals submits a payment to Uscreen. And yes, these payments continue to roll in for as long as they are our customers.

Centralized video CMS

Extra $$ on Custom Plan referrals

If you refer a client that signs up on a custom plan that includes OTT apps, you’ll receive a bonus one-time payout in the value of their full monthly fee, as soon as they hit a third-month mark as a paying Uscreen customer.

Distribute your videos to all the OTT platforms

What makes a good Uscreen Affiliate?

You don’t have to tick all of these boxes, but a few will surely help bring you a stronger and a predictable, sustainable income as a Uscreen affiliate.

  • An engaged audience
  • Strong social media following
  • High-traffic website or page
  • Niche blog or podcast
  • You’re a Uscreen user, and love it!
  • You helped someone set up Uscreen before
  • You are a natural promoter
  • You just can’t shut up about video!

Your referrals are in good company

With over 11,000 creators and businesses successfully monetizing with Uscreen.

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We’re often asked…

Am I eligible for a referral fee regardless of the size of the plan?

Absolutely. Your fee will be a steady 20% of your referral’s monthly payment, regardless of the size of their plan. Our base plan starts at $149 per month, which means $29.8 will be deposited into your PayPal account each month. For custom plans, your referral fee can go up to $200+ per month.

What happens if they change the plan after a while?

It’s common for our customers to switch to bigger plans as their businesses grow. Our system is set up so your monthly referral fee will be automatically adjusted according to their new monthly invoice. The higher their payment, the bigger your referral fee. 

What happens if my referral didn’t use the affiliate link?

It’s not unusual that we have referrals contact sales directly, especially for custom plans. If that happens, that referral will be assigned to you manually by a member of our team. It’s important for your referral to point out that it’s you who referred them, in order for the members of our team to attribute the reference correctly.

What happens if my referral doesn’t pay right away?

In some cases, e.g. custom plans with apps, our customers will often have a grace period while we set up their apps or migrate them from a different platform. In that case, your referral fee will be processed at the time their first payment hits our billing system, with the delay depending on their grace period.

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