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Uscreen, an all-in-one video membership platform for content creators.

With Uscreen, video creators build branded, accessible, and engaging memberships that earn sustainable revenue.

Over 25,000 creators and
entrepreneurs trust Uscreen

One platform, infinite potential

We know what really matters to you and your audience. That’s why we built a best-in-class platform to help you present your content in the best light possible.

Built for your brand

TEDxCambridge using Uscreen's white-label streaming platform.
Photo of Dmitri Gunn from TEDx Cambridge.

Dmitri Gunn

TEDx Cambridge

Build your dream video membership website! Choose your favorite theme and use our intuitive website and landing page builder to match it to your brand aesthetic. It’s that simple.

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Netflix-style catalog

Netflix-like video content library.
Photo of Lydia Hurlbut from Filmmakers Academy.

Lydia Hurlbut

Filmmakers Academy

Show off your content in a stellar video library that was carefully designed to captivate new audiences while making your current members engaged.

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Engage subscribers in real-time

Live stream monetization on Uscreen
Photo of Amy Richards from Homemade.

Ashley Morford-Haines


Impress your audience with professional-looking live streams, every single time. Build anticipation with live countdowns and engage them via interactive live chat throughout the stream.

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Grow with your community

Premium online community on mobile apps
Photo of Lottie Murphy from Lottie Murphy Pilates.

Lottie Murphy

Lottie Murphy Pilates

Create an exclusive and safe space for your online community to thrive. Allow members to connect with you and each other around the things they’re most passionate about.

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Get your videos on every screen

fitness content streamed on multiple devices.
Photo of Fabiana Ferrarini from Queen Warriors.

Fabiana Ferrarini

Queen Warriors

From smartphones to big screen TVs, reach your viewers where you know they like to be. Launch 5-star video streaming apps without any of the hassle.

Launch your own apps
fitness content streamed on multiple devices.
Photo of Fabiana Ferrarini from Queen Warriors.

Fabiana Ferrarini

Queen Warriors

Your entire business — all in one place

Reach your audience where they want to consume your content

More ways to sell your video

Monetize your content through subscriptions, donations, tips, online courses, one-time-video sales, video rentals, and live streaming events.

Uscreen's monetization solutions for subscriptions, online courses and more.

Market your business

Grow your paid audience with easy-to-set-up marketing automations, optimize for conversions and minimize churn on your membership.

Uscreen's marketing tools

Manage everything

Our all-in-one platform allows you to manage every part of your business right from your admin area.

All-in-one platform for video streaming and monetization.

Grow and scale your business

Build your “pillar revenue stream” – the main stream every content creator can rely on. You control it and know what to expect month over month with recurring subscriptions.

Uscreen's business analytics dashboard.

Who’s Uscreen for?

We know what really matters to you and your audience. That’s why we built a best-in-class platform to help you present your content in the best light possible.

Photo of Roger Gracie, a fitness influencer.
Photo of Sarah Beth, a yoga content creator.
Photo of a man walking.
Photo of a group of people talking at a podcast.
Photo of Justin Agustin, a TikTok content creator.
Photo of the Art For Kids Hub team.
Photo of Max Maxwell, an online community leader.
Photo of women promoting Booty Bands and Barbells products.
  • Fitness influencers
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Online coaches & educators
  • YouTubers
  • Tiktokers
  • Kids content creators
  • Online community leaders
  • eCommerce stores & brands

Loved by creators & entrepreneurs

Uscreen is trusted by some of the most amazing video creators and entrepreneurs out there. Here’s what they have to say about us…

I 10X’ed my business when I launched my membership business. YouTube helps my membership site because it’s the top of my funnel… it builds my audience, and then I have an email funnel that collects my audience that sells my membership site.

Photo of Sarah Beth from Sarah Beth Yoga.

Sarah Beth

Sarah Beth Yoga

What I love is it only gets easier to sell.. Someone who signed up with me a year ago could go through all my content in a month, but now, I have a year’s worth of content, and a year from now it will only be more valuable, and as my team grows, we’ll be able to create even more videos.. Now I can live a life where I wake up and I’m excited to go to work!

Photo of Jason David from MyTRIBE.Watch

Jason David

We love Uscreen! We have a video on demand yoga streaming service and we’ve been pleased with how easy it is to get everything up on our site. We always get help with our questions and love how we can customize our site to make it truly feel like us

Photo of Lara Heimann from LYT Yoga.

Lara Heimann

LYT Yoga

I made $13k in my first 4 months! I’ve never made more than $380 a month in YouTube Ad Revenue. Uscreen changed my business and my life forever. These people are really here to help me.

Photo of Frances Long from Your Book of Memories.

Frances Long

Your Book of Memories

We’ve used Uscreen for our Taichi school’s online video instruction for 4 years. The platform is easy to use, the tech support is superb, and the company continues to improve its functionality and our marketing options. It’s the only VOD and streaming video service that met our needs after comparing them with several others.

Photo of Tracy Litsey from

Tracy Litsey

I’m happy to report I have had solely positive experiences with Uscreen. I am genuinely impressed by both the product and its continuous evolution. Each new feature gets me inspired to try something new and grow my online business. I’ve always been super happy with my customer success experience.

Photo of Abby Erker from Materra Method.

Abby Erker

Materra Method

Uscreen was the only platform we found that includes a billing system, subscription engine, video hosting, and delivery all in one platform.

Photo of Sassy Gregson Williams from Naturally Sassy.

Sassy Gregson-Williams

Naturally Sassy

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